Food & Wine

The cuisine at Spruce is driven by the finest ingredients. Chef Sullivan’s personal relationship with local farmers and ranchers enhances his ability to prepare and cook for you the best food possible. We take our food philosophy one step further by working directly with the farmers at SMIP Ranch, a private farm located in the hills above Woodside that grows a special selection of organic, ethically-grown, hyper-seasonal vegetables, fruits and herbs for the Bacchus Management Group’s family of restaurants.

The wine and spirits program is one of the most progressive in America, offering a wine list with over 2500 selections, a vast assortment of sprits and handcrafted classic and original cocktails, and limited production and international beers. As a result of our personal relationships with some of the world’s finest distillers and winemakers, we offer a selection of custom made proprietary wines and spirits, including a single barrel Kentucky bourbon, single malt scotch, Willamette Valley pinot noir, German riesling, and a selection of seasonal gins.